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Cane Creek Hellbender bottom bracket line now includes T47

Updates and additions include the Hellbender 70 price-conscious option, and more sizes for the Hellbender Neo.

Cane Creek is reading the tea leaves; that’s why it has added a T47 option to its , the Cane Creek Components Hellbender 70 bottom bracket line.

The bearings for all the BBs in the lineup have been fabricated from 440C stainless steel and wrapped in 6061 – T6 aluminum, and use a standard grease/surface setup.


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Cane Creek 70

The new Cane Creek 70 is a price-conscious option for a bottom bracket upgrade. Photo: Courtesy Cane Creek

“The stainless steel bearing in the Hellbender 70 strikes a perfect balance between value and lasting performance,” said Eric Smith of Cane Creek.

The Hellbender 70 sports an anodized black finish, and is available in the following sizes, starting at $99:

  • BSA30
  • PF30
  • B30
  • T47 (30mm and 29mm/DUB sizing)
  • PF41 in 30mm only.

Cane Creek Neo is now available across a range of bottom bracket standards. Photo: Courtesy Cane Creek

If you want something closer to a set-it-and-forget-it setup, the $150 Cane Creek Hellbender Neo bottom bracket with SKF MTRX bearings offers a more durable approach.

The Hellbender Neo bottom bracket sits at the top of the Cane Creek range. The bearings incorporate Swedish manufacturer SKF’s proprietary MTRX technology: an oil-filled, solid polymer matrix that completely fills the “free” space inside bearing. Oil is released from micro-pores in the polymer, continuously lubricating the bearings while the spindle is rotating. This should prevent the bearing from being compromised by dirt, mud, and water penetration.

Cane Creek boasts that the Hellbender Neo is so robust that it will even stand up to regular pressure washing.

Cane Creek Neo

The Cane Creek Neo bottom bracket is resistant to repeated blasts from a pressure washer.

The Cane Creek Hellbender Neo bottom brackets are available in T47 for 30mm only. 29mm (DUB) sizing is not available for Hellbender Neo bottom brackets at this time.

The Cane Creek Hellbender bottom bracket products are available at local shops which are Cane Creek distributors, and also from