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Absalon+Mavic=Great Vid

Who tests Mavic's MTB hoops? XC-God Julien Absalon, of course

This sweet video just hit our inbox from France and the wheel gurus at Mavic. XC-God Julien Absalon helps the Mavic engineers select the best characteristics from a range of MTB wheel prototypes.

As you’ll see, the guys in France actually build several versions of the same wheel (they look identical from the outside) that have different structural characteristics. Some are built to be extra light, some stiffer, some less stiff, etc.  And then in rider testing, they hone in on finding the best balance of weight, stiffness, and efficiency.

Watch closely, as there are a few spots where you might be able to pause the video and get a quick glimpse of what the guys in France are working on.

We’ve been told the various sets in the video give a good look at a potentially new batch of mountain bike wheels later this year…