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Mountain Gear

60-Second Tech: Topeak Mountain Morph Pump

The Mountain Morph moves lots of air, is tough and packed with cool features that actually work trailside.

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At 160 psi, the Mountain Morph inflates a MTB tire with ease.


Doesn’t matter if you run tubeless or still roll tubes, there’s nothing worse than sitting on the side of the trail farting around with an under-sized pump trying to get air into a tire.

What’s that? You’re all set up with tubeless and untouchable by trail gremlins, eh? Just wait till ya roll a tire, tear a sidewall, burp just enough air or inflict some other grievous wound on that rubber. Guess what? Sooner or later you’ll end up sticking a damn tube into the tire anyhow, and more than likely it’ll be well into a multi-hour trail romp.

Sure you can carry compressed air, which is good — for a limited time only, which isn’t good when out in the boonies where Murphy’s Law and gremlins can rule the day more than once. To save a few grams you can also throw a roadie mini pump into your hydration pack, but that’s just frustration waiting to happen.

Or you can check out the Topeak Mountain Morph. We’re here to tell you that the Mountain Morph is a pump that’ll keep you from being the proverbial monkey humping a football — or more accurately, humping a wheel — out in the woods.

Price: $25-$30 depending on where bought
Weight: 259.9grams (tested)
Head: Presta/Schrader
Barrel: Aluminum
Capacity: 160psi/11 bar

The Mountain Morph is just the right size. You won’t be flailing away pumping air for so long that your biceps cramp, yet it’s not too ungainly or heavy to stick in the pack and forget it’s there. Plus it’s tough and packed with some cool features that actually work really, really well out on the trail.

First off, the Mountain Morph has Tranformer-like qualities: A fold-out foot pad, folding T-handle and flexible hose give you what are essentially floor-pump features in a mere 13.8 inches. The head takes Presta and Schrader valves.

We’ve beat up our Mountain Morph pretty good over a long period of time. In fact, it’s worked so long and so good, we’ve forgotten when we got our grubby mitts on it. The only hiccup we had with the Mountain Morph was the collar that locks the handle to the tube broke, allowing the handle to spin when in the in-line, stowed position. That negative, however, doesn’t impair the handle from locking into the T-position or the overall function of the pump at all. And considering the abuse we’ve dished out, it wouldn’t be a deal-breaker when considering purchasing a new Mountain Morph.

That said, Topeak didn’t list a MSRP on its web site, but the pump can be picked up from between $25 and $29.

The sturdy aluminum barrel pushes 160 psi/11 bar easily. So combined with the hose, ample handle and ability to use your foot to stick the pump firmly to the ground, the Mountain Morph makes short work of flats. Why make an already annoying reality more annoying with a weenie mini pump? At 259.5 grams (tested), the pump isn’t a burden to carry and fits easily into a hydration pack.