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60-Second Tech: Clear Protect

French product claims to bullet-proof your ride

Clear Protect offers a variety of kits to apply to your bike. This is the "medium" kit and sells for about $33 and weighs a claimed 33 grams.

From scratches, chips, cable rub and exposure to the elements, mountain bikes take a beating. 60-Second Tech has profiled products to help protect your rig, like Shelter (and its cool destruction video!).

With a high-end bike costing as much as a small car, here’s another product that could help protect your rig. Clear Protect, out of Nantes, France, offers a variety of kits made of a transparent film that can be applied strategically to your bike for protection. The clear, thin, (150 microns) polyurethane protective film is said to be compatible with painted aluminum, carbon and titanium.

The film is pre-cut to fit down tubes, top tubes, head tubes, chainstays, forks and crank arms.

Clear Protect says the protective film:
• Does not yellow
• Won’t damage paint
• Is “virtually” invisible (the company says there is no visual difference between a treated and untreated part)
• Helps prevent chips, scratches and scuffs
• Does not require specific maintenance
• Can be removed easily with no adhesive remaining on surfaces

Clear Protect offers seven kits for bike frames and kits for Shimano XT and XTR cranks as well as SRAM XO. Prices range from about $57 for a whole “XL” bike kit (headtube, downtube, toptube, chainstay with a claimed weight of 74 grams) to about $15 for chainstay only.