Mission Workshop Axis waist pack and accessories

Fanny pack aficionados will love Mission Workshop's stable fit and quick-draw multitool option.

It’s stylish, perfect for a few hours on the bike, and it’s handmade in the U.S. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also weather-proof, and has an internal zippered compartment to keep little bits organized. The wide hip strap and big buckle keep everything solidly in place.

The Wheelie Wrench packs 17 tools into its diminutive design, making it perfect for your waist pack or back pocket. Best of all, it mounts within several holsters from Fix, like the All-Time Belt or the Strap On.

Keep your Fix tool out of your pack and away from your hydration bladder. Choose from a narrow model for hydration pack shoulder straps, or a wide one for waist pack belts.