How to install Gore cables on a cyclocross bike

Tips for a special, extra-sealed installation of Gore cables.

Cyclocross cabling
Heat shrink housing to ferrule and fit grub seal to complete a completely sealed rear brake system.

•Start with cutting all the housing sections to the correct length and cleaning up the ends.

•Install the nosed ferrules in their correct placement and use 2 inch long pieces of 1/4 inch electrical heat-shrink tubing to seal the ferrules onto the housing sections.

•Use the ‘extra long nosed ferrules,’ which are ferrules with a few feet of lining attached, at the stops behind the headset and at the top of the seat stay.

•Fit the housing sections, cut the long liners on the extra long nosed ferrules to length and slid on 1/8 inch heat shrink to seal the liner to the adjoining nosed ferrule.

Cyclocross cabling
Use a grub seal to connect liner sections.

•Thread the cable, being careful not to scratch the Gore coating off when going in through the shifter.

•Strip off 3-5 inches of the coating at the end where it comes out of the rear derailleur to prevent it shredding and jamming in the housing.