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Three Moots Routt options take on any surface

Each of the Moots Routt models are available in seven different sizes, with frame design and geometries sized appropriately.

The Moots Routt — named for the manufacturer’s home county in Colorado — are designed to be any-surface bikes, but have been outfitted especially for gravel, dirt roads, and doubletrack trail.

The Routt frame has clearance for wide tires, and the gravel-grinder drivetrain options all offer gearing for climbing off-pavement.


The Moots gravel/cyclocross fork with a tapered steerer tube, held in place by a Chris King 17 headset, adorns the Routt. All Routt builds — except for the Routt RSL Psychlo X edition — can accommodate a Lauf gravel fork for smoothing the ride.

Each of the Routt models are available in seven different sizes, with frame design and geometries sized accordingly. Custom frame sizes and build kit options from Shimano and SRAM are also available for each model, as well as custom Moots finishes.

Routt RSL

The Routt RSL (shown above) is constructed of an internally-butted titanium frameset with 3D-printed dropouts. A relatively slack head tube angle should offer enhanced stability. Outboard chainstays give the Moots Routt RSL additional clearance for up to 45mm width tires.

Moots Routt RSL geometry. Photo: Moots

Routt 45

The Routt 45 is billed as a titanium workhorse — and it should be able to do gravel, touring, and bikepacking equally well. Moots recommends a double chainring setup for this model, to accommodate climbing wherever and whenever. An elongated top tube with shortened stays make for a tighter, more agile ride. The Moots Routt 45 frame can handle up to 50mm tires.

Moots Routt 45
Moots Routt 45 Photo: Moots
Routt 45 geometry. Photo: Moots

Routt YBB

The Routt YBB features a rear micro-suspension setup with 20mm of travel that should take the edge off unpaved roads. For a fully-suspended ride, the Moots Routt can be fitted with a Lauf gravel suspension fork. Moots says that you’ll be able to run tires up to 50mm wide and still have plenty of clearance for mud.

Moots Routt YBB
Routt YBB Photo: Moots
Routt YBB geometry. Photo: Moots