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The Grind: Ashton Lambie’s monster-ring gravel rig

Most gravel riders with a single ring use a 42-tooth option. Ashton Lambie, who has set world records and won world-championship medals, is not most riders.

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Ashton Lambie is one of the world’s fastest riders over short distances. He set the world record, twice, in the individual pursuit, and recently took silver at the 2020 track worlds. But he also enjoys long, long hours on the bike.

After the U.S. men’s pursuit team came up just short on qualifying points for the 2020 Olympics, Lambie set out on a bike-packing trip across the United Kingdom on a Lauf True Grit. This March, Lambie took the start at The Mid South gravel race on the same rig, albeit with a bit fewer bags strapped to it.

There are a few notable things about Lambie’s bike, but the most eyebrow-raising has to be the 52-tooth chainring. Such a size is standard fare for a road bike — as one of two chainrings. But on a gravel bike? Normally a 44-tooth is the biggest you’ll see.

Paired to a SRAM Eagle 10-50t cassette, though, Lambie says he has plenty of range for all the riding he likes to do, be that gravel events or just long days in the saddle, loaded down with bikepacking gear. Your results may vary.

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