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Sidi MTB Gravel shoes an entry onto gravel bandwagon

The Sidi MTB Gravel is a walkable shoe set at $239, which is about half the price of Sidi's top-end road and mountain shoes.

The Italian shoemaker Sidi has a new shoe aimed at the gravel market with the fairly straightforward title of Sidi MTB Gravel. Set in the middle of Sidi’s extensive range, the $239 pair features a durable upper and a carbon/nylon outsole.

A number of companies have either created gravel-specific shoes or repositioned existing mountain bike shoes as ‘for gravel’, which of course raises the question for many riders: what exactly is a gravel shoe, and how is it any different than a mountain bike shoe?


The Sidi MTB Gravel incorporates more mountain-bike features than just the name into the shoe. The upper uses a fabric Sidi calls Politex, which incorporates PVC and high-density felt into a durable material with holes and mesh panels for breathability.

Sidi uses its replaceable TECNO-3 dial for tightening the shoe. These work similarly to Boa dials, but Sidi’s proprietary version features a flip-out lever you can turn easily, even with gloves on.

The nylon sole is ‘carbon-fiber reinforced’, and you can add two spikes if you like.

As with many of its mountain-bike shoes, the MTB gravel has a reinforced toe and heel.

Sidi declined to say how much the shoes weigh. “We usually do not communicate it because being handcrafted it varies from pair to pair,” said Sidi spokesperson Beatrice Geremia.

The Sidi MTB Gravel comes in two colors for $249.