Gravel Gear

Niner bolt-on frame bags land this week

No-strap bags are made to fit each of Niner's frame sizes.

Gravel bags are catching on almost as quickly as gravel bikes, and Niner now has its own line of packs that affix to its bikes without straps.

For owners of the new Niner RLT 9 and MCR 9 gravel bikes, Niner has top-tube and front-triangle bags made for each frame size.

There is a great variety of frame bags available now, from one-person operations like Andrew the Maker to industry giants like Bontrager of the Trek family. Most of these feature Velcro straps to keep the bags in place, in part so that they can fit a wide variety of frames.

The RLT 9 and MCR 9 frames have bolts to secure these new bags, however, which offers a clean look.

Niner frame bags will be available this coming week.

The $65 front-triangle bag comes in five sizes to fit each of the RLT frame sizes. It’s made with water-resistant canvas, a sealed zipper and padded interior.

The top-tube bag is $25 and comes in one size.

Information on bag sizing is available here.