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Go big or go home award: Evil Bikes Chamois Hagar

Where does gravel stop and mountain bike start?

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Are we supposed to take the Chamois Hagar seriously? Even the name suggests we should not, and perhaps that’s what makes the bike such a singular, albeit somewhat jarring, entry into the gravel category. It’s telling us not to take any of this seriously. Have fun, get rowdy, go big, and see what happens.

Perhaps more importantly, the Chamois Hagar represents exactly how far the gravel pendulum can swing in the slack-and-rowdy direction. Do gravel bikes actually need to be this slack and rowdy? For the vast majority of riders, no, not really. But the Chamois Hagar fills a niche in much the same way fat bikes do: The people who want this bike really want this bike.

And to be fair, it’s exactly the right tool — for a niche rider. Slack, rowdy, long, and low: Mountain bikers, if you’re curious about gravel but still want to get zestier than literally every other gravel bike will let you, look no further. Evil has made a bike specifically for you.