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First Look: Vittoria Terreno gravel tires

Vittoria's range of Terreno gravel tires features 3C rubber with Graphene, as well as the TNT tubeless-ready casing.

Editor’s note: Vittoria is sponsoring our coverage of Land Run 100, Wild Horse Gravel, Dirty Kanza 200, and SBT GRVL in 2019. We will ride Vittoria’s range of Terreno tires for all of our gravel adventures this season.

The variety of terrain across North America’s gravel races requires a range of tire options. From fast, buffed-out dirt roads to chunky flint rocks to sticky mud, gravel races are full of surprises.

Vittoria’s line of Terreno tires has a range of tread patterns to suit these variable conditions. Across the line, these tires feature Vittoria’s Graphene rubber-enhancing technology. They also have triple-compound 3C rubber — more durable in the wear-prone areas of the tread and more grippy on the edges for cornering. The Terreno gravel lineup also offers TNT tubeless-ready casing to ride tube-free at lower pressures.

For a muddy race like Land Run 100, we plan to ride the Terreno Mix, which has a cyclocross-inspired tread pattern and is available in 31-, 33-, and 38-millimeter sizes.

Vittoria Tirreno Mix
Vittoria Terreno Mix

The grueling Dirty Kanza 200 is known for its loose flint gravel that is both sketchy and sharp. We anticipate we’ll ride the Terreno Dry, which has a low-profile center tread, but large side knobs for cornering. This tire comes in 31-, 33-, and 38-millimeter widths for 700c wheels, as well as a 650b option at 40mm wide.

Vittoria Terreno Dry
Vittoria Terreno Dry

For our final event of 2019, SBT GRVL, we expect to ride some fast, mostly smooth dirt roads in Steamboat, Colorado. That means we plan to mount up the Terreno Zero tire, which has a slick center and low-profile tread scales on the sides. The Zero comes in 32-, 35-, and 38-millimeter withs for 700c wheels. The 650b option is 40mm wide.

Terreno Zero
Terreno Zero