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Easton EA70 AX gravel dropper post

The Easton EA70AX gravel dropper post can be paired with drop bar levers, or drop bar compatible shifters.

Are dropper posts the future of gravel? Easton seems to think so, as it adds the EA70 AX gravel dropper post to its seatpost offerings.


This post offers 50mm of travel, which is more than enough for just about any descent you’re likely to tackle on a gravel bike.  The post is otherwise fairly straightforward with a 0mm-offset clamp, a cartridge design, and internally-routed cabling. You can attach the cable from either the dropper end or the lever end, which means the system is compatible with just about any dropper lever out there.

The Easton EA70 AX comes in 350mm and 400mm lengths.

The Easton EA70 AX post weighs 400g for the 350mm post. Photo: Easton

The 27.2mm diameter post will fit in a wide swath of gravel bikes on the market. (It would fit road bikes too, with some creative cable routing, but unless you’re running neutral support at a race, why would you?) As compared to non-dropper posts, the EA70AX isn’t exactly light, but at 400 grams for the 350mm post, it’s fairly light on the spectrum of dropper post weights.

Photo: Easton

The Easton EA70AX gravel dropper post can be paired with drop-bar specific dropper levers, or drop-bar compatible shifters — for example, if you’re running a 1x setup, you could use your front shifter to activate the seatpost.

It is available now and will set you back $185.