Flavor flave: A few new cycling foods that caught our attention

Three food/drink manufacturers have new products out that have caught Nick Legan's attention

What better way to sell a gel than with Andre the Giant!? Photo: Nick Legan © VeloNews

Three food/drink manufacturers have new product out that has caught my attention. After years of eating and drinking the same flavors, it’s always nice when something new comes along. Here are three that my taste buds are liking.

GU Peanut Butter gel, $32 for box of 24
In what may be the coolest gel packaging ever made, GU introduced a new Peanut Butter flavor (available in November) with an image of Andre the Giant and a quote from The Princess Bride, “Anybody want a peanut?”

Not only do the folks at GU have obvious good taste in movies, they also make a tasty energy gel. The Peanut Butter flavor is not too sweet and definitely thinned to make squeezing it out easy. At 100 calories, they’re on par with most gels. You also get 100 percent of the daily values recommendation for vitamins C and E.

Cytomax Stick Packs, $21 for a box of 24 serving
Cytomax is offering its Cool Citrus, Tropical Fruit and Zesty Orange in convenient single-serving packs. They taste great (I personally like the citrus flavor the best) and are easy to carry on long rides.

Cytomax recommends two packs for a large bottle, but I found that to be too strong for my liking. I use one per bottle, regardless of size. Each serving of the pictured Tropical Fruit has 90 calories, 120mg of sodium, 60mg of potassium, 6mg of calcium and 14mg of magnesium. Other flavors are similar in nutrition.

Clif Bloks Citrus, $36 for box of 18
Clif continues to make some of my favorite ride food and with the Citrus Clif Bloks I’ve found a gummy my palate can handle. The flavor is mellow (Margarita, for instance, kills me) and like most Clif products, Bloks use 95 percent organic ingredients. Adding Bloks to your ride menu keeps you from overdoing gels and they’re easier to eat than bars.

If you eat all six Bloks in a pack, you’re consuming 200 calories, 140mg of sodium and 40mg of potassium.