First Look: Pactimo Summit Stratos 12-Hour bibs

The Pactimo Summit Stratos 12-Hour Bib is the ideal choice for riding over long distances and demanding terrains.

Editor’s note: Pactimo is sponsoring our coverage of Land Run 100, Wild Horse Gravel, Dirty Kanza 200, and SBT GRVL in 2019. We will wear Pactimo’s Summit Stratos 12-Hour Bibs for all of our gravel adventures this season. 

Designed specifically for ultra-endurance events like Dirty Kanza 200, the Summit Stratos 12-Hour Bib is built for comfort over extreme distances and demanding terrain. The Cerami–K fabric, noted by its unique dotted pattern, is light in weight and incredibly durable, and the Cytech chamois was designed to Pactimo’s specifications for an ultra-long distance pad.

The bibs’ fabric, with ceramic particles bonded to the exterior, provides temperature regulation through heat dissipation. It also creates a new layer of protection against abrasion, excessive wear, and pilling. Breathable, laser-cut straps are mated to a lightweight mesh across the back making for an accommodating fit for a variety of torso lengths. Single layer, hexagonal mesh knit leg bands provide a slip-free fit while also allowing for moisture movement away from the skin.

The Stratos is built around the Endurance Anatomic Super Air chamois, designed specifically to Pactimo’s specifications. Built with all the same features as the Endurance Anatomic 2 Carbon Flash chamois in their Summit Raptor bibs, the Anatomic Super Air is even lighter and more breathable. Using our proven Silhouette Articulation, the Stratos hugs the contours of your body while in the riding position.