Endura to create ‘virtual’ Quintana to help Movistar rider in TTs

Movistar's clothing sponsor Endura is creating a 3D model of Nairo Quintana to help design a skinsuit that will fit just right.

The concept of marginal gains takes on a new meaning as clothing sponsor Endura is creating a life-sized 3D model of Nairo Quintana in a bid to help the Colombian’s time trial prowess.

Endura officials brought a laser scanner to the team’s November meetings, and they are using new data to create models of Alex Dowsett and Quintana in order to fit time trial skinsuits to a T.

“Scanning is the solution to two problems,” said Endura’s Jim McFarlane. “Our software maps the 2D patterns that we cut from the fabric, and it virtually stitches it over a 3D avatar. It shows us tension maps across the body, using specific fabrics with known stretch characteristics.”

With 56 kilometers of time trials in the 2016 Tour de France, Movistar realizes the race against the clock will prove decisive for Quintana.

Using the data, Endura is creating a “virtual” Quintana as well as a life-sized carbon-fiber model in order to size and perfect bodysuits. Quintana will later undergo wind-tunnel testing to find the ideal position and clothing for the time trials.

Watch the video below for more.