CeramicSpeed makes UFO Drip Chain Coating slipperier

The new formula may allow for 15 percent more speed while lasting 50 percent longer, and at 40 percent the cost of the original formula.

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A couple of years ago, CeramicSpeed announced to the world that it had created the fastest chain lube that you can apply at home. UFO Drip tested faster than all other lubes out there, but it was expensive at $75 a bottle, and it took quite a bit of care to apply properly.

Now, CeramicSpeed says it has bested itself again with an update to UFO Drip. The new formula is a proprietary blend of waxes, trace oils, and friction modifiers, delivered in a liquid form. It still takes quite a bit of care to apply properly, but it’s faster than its predecessor, and less expensive to boot.


Each bottle of UFO Drip Chain Coating should be enough for 35 applications, with each application lasting about 300km (depending on environmental conditions). And, the new formula costs 40 percent less than the original.

CeramicSpeed UFO Drip
CeramicSpeed’s improved UFO Drip Chain coating. Photo: CeramicSpeed

CeramicSpeed also claims that the updated lube will eke out 15 percent more speed, all while lasting 50 percent longer than its predecessor.

Like the first version of UFO Drip, the new formula can be used for nearly any kind of riding discipline, and will also help protect drivetrain wear from dirt, grit, and water. That’s all in addition to reducing drag from friction.

While there are other ways to improve chain life while reducing friction wear, chain lube might be the best option. And as far as cost-effective ways to save on watts by reducing friction, a chain coating is less cash outlay than the CeramicSpeed OSPW option.

The new CeramicSpeed UFO formula is non-toxic, non-flammable, and biodegradable, and is available from CeramicSpeed resellers or from the CeramicSpeed web site.