Bell unveils smart helmet with 360fly camera integration

360-degree video recording integrated right into the helmet gives new perspective to your next edit without the need for bulky and awkward mounts

Bell Helmets has unveiled a new 360-degree video-integrated “smart” helmet created in conjunction with 360fly. The new Bell Super 2R with 360fly offers an integrated camera and helmet that allows 360-degree 4K video capture, mobile editing and sharing, and additional digital capabilities.

“The benefits of integrating digital video and intuitive digital technology into action sports helmets is a ground-breaking advancement for our sports,” said Terry Lee, executive chairman and CEO of BRG Sports.

The integrated helmet includes a 360-degree 4K camera that is also capable of shooting conventional 16×9 video. The video capabilities are driven by 360fly’s mobile app, allowing users to instantly edit and share content to social platforms such as Facebook or YouTube.

“From day one, our focus has extended beyond the baseline benefits of immersive 360-degree VR content, and into the expansive universe of intuitive ‘smart’ technologies that our single-lens technology enables,” said Peter Adderton, 360fly CEO. “These helmets are merely the first of many unique applications for these technologies enabled by our proprietary 360fly 4K platform.”

Shooting 2880 x 2880 at up to 30 FPS, the integrated camera also includes a built-in GPS sensor to tag locations, a barometer/altimeter, and accelerometer. Like the original 360fly camera, the integrated camera comes standard with Bluetooth, built-in Wi-Fi,  and a claimed two-hour battery life.

The detachable 360fly integration only slightly changes the helmet’s appearance and while maintaining the Super 2R’s ventilation and integrity for impact protection.

It’s slated for availability in fall of 2016. Pricing has not yet been set.