ATOC Tech: Feeding the podium — Inside The Shack’s mobile kitchen

Inside the Team RadioShack mobile kitchen

ATOC Tech: RadioShack's mobile kitchen.
Sure they stole the Team Meal sign, but it's for a good cause. Photo: Nick Legan
GLENDORA, Calif. (VN) — Napolean said, “an army marches on its stomach.” And even in 2011, nothing has changed, especially for professional cyclists.

Allen Lim, a sports physiologist working with Team Radioshack, puts it this way, “Food is a weapon. Something the (ATOC) podium has in common is they aren’t eating the hotel food.”

Lim is referring to Chris Horner, Levi Leipheimer (Team Radioshack) and Tom Danielson (Garmin-Cervelo). Team RadioShack and Garmin-Cervelo each have cooks working out of rental RVs here. RadioShack brought along Biju Thomas and Lim. Garmin has Chris and Barbara Grealish.

They prepare food for the entire team every day. This makes avoiding food allergies much easier. For Dave Zabriskie, a vegan, it guarantees that his dietary needs are met. Many cyclists avoid gluten during races as many feel it is inflammatory and inhibits recovery.

So not all tech takes place at the team truck. Some teams are taking it even further. Here’s a quick tour of RadioShack’s mobile kitchen.