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Velocio Women’s Signature Fly Bib shorts

The Signature Fly Bib reveals just how much thought Velocio put into creating a bib specifically for women.





Velocio entered the cycling scene in 2014 with women’s apparel as its central focus. It has since broadened its scope to include the fellas, but has also stayed true to its mission of providing women with well-designed, high-performing cycling apparel. The Signature Fly Bib reveals just how much thought Velocio put into creating a bib specifically for women.

While many companies have offered a women’s bib intended to make nature breaks less naked, the results, more often than not, leave much to be desired. Velocio’s design, however, doesn’t sacrifice fit, style or on-bike function for the sake of convenient peeing. The name of the bib explains how it works: A zipper fly on the back of the bib allows you to unzip and pull the bottom down while you squat. This can be done without taking off your jersey, helmet, and glasses. The YKK auto-locking zipper will stay zipped when you want it zipped, and an internal zipper flap and garage prevent chafing or pinching.

Velocio is clear that the Fly Bib isn’t “just a bathroom bib.” It has redesigned the upper as well. 45mm wide cross-back straps made of microfiber stay comfortably in place and offer the extra stretch needed for the fly to function. The mesh front panel solves several issues: It stabilizes the garment against the pulling that occurs when taking a pee break, solves the ever-constant struggle of boobs vs. bib straps, and doubles as a summer-weight base layer, so you no longer need to convince yourself to wear a sports bra, a base layer, bibs, and a jersey.

The leg bands are comfortable and secure — no sausage thigh or pinching. And they stay put when you have warmers on. The custom Cytech chamois offers plenty of support for all-day riding.

While there is much to appreciate about the Fly Bib, it’s worth noting the very compressive nature of the material. Even those accustomed to a race fit may be a bit startled when the leg band initially stops at the calf. While not uncomfortable once on, the bib takes some work to get into, which may make the fly challenging to use come summer’s high temps and sweaty midday rides.

Reviewed and written by Brittany Jones.

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