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Technical FAQ: Large mountain bike shoes

Where can I get large mountain bike shoes?


I am sending this to you as a last resort. I have been in contact with every single bike shop in my area looking for mountain biking shoes in a size 15 or 16. I am getting the same response from everyone: “We can’t get you shoes in your size.”

Someone gave me your web address and said to send you an email since you deal with people my size on a daily basis. I am 6 feet 6 inches tall with a size 16 shoe. I have tried a Shimano size 50 on but it is too tight .If you have any information on a company making big cycling shoes would you please respond.


Try 800/775-5580 They make custom shoes for both road and mountain. LUST (Lighten Up Speed Technologies) makes custom shoes as well, but they only produce road models.

– Lennard