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Specialized Prime Series thermal gloves review

The Specialized Prime Series Thermal Gloves feel almost like thin, full finger summer-weight gloves.

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Weatherproofing: Polartec NeoShell back, hydrophobic palm
Temperature Rating: n/a
Size: Men’s S-XXL, Women’s S-XL


extremely thin, waterproof


available only in black





The Specialized Prime Series Thermal Glove feel almost like the thin, full finger gloves for summer. But the breathable, waterproof Neoshell on the back, as well as the hydrophobic palm help them repel weather and keep my hands from feeling stiff and frozen when the temperatures dance between the 30s and 40s.


Most riders aren’t nuts enough to pedal in sub-zero temps. If your threshold is 40°F, these are great gloves for you. The Specialized Prime Series thermal gloves cut the chill and repel raindrops in shoulder-season temps, when it’s too cold to ride in summer gloves, but not so cold as to require inches of insulation.

The close-fitting Prime Series Thermal Glove offers a wind-resistant and water-repelling Neoshell upper paired with a hydrophobic suede palm. Neoshell is air-permeable but fully waterproof. That said, this material is only on the back of these gloves, so they’re not made for a soaking rain. In a sprinkle, or pedaling in a cold windchill these gloves do the trick.

They are stretchy and non-restrictive, with a wide Velcro tab at the wrist that opens at the cuff so that it is easy to slide them on or off. And even better, the tab does not pull open accidentally and snag on layers when donning or doffing them.

The suede palm offers a good grip on the bars, whether flat or drop, and leather-like patches on the forefinger and thumb allow touchscreen bike computer — and mobile phone — interaction without baring skin.

Specialized Prime Series Thermal Gloves
The Specialized Prime Series thermal gloves offer an unpadded suede palm for a good grip on the bars. Photo: Berne Broudy

These gloves are best when temperatures are between the upper 30s and low 40s, and will be great as glove liners, under pogies, as temperatures drop. I’m curious to see how they wear; the suede palm shows use after the first few rides.

These gloves aren’t padded, which I prefer, as I like feeling the bars in my hands. There’s fleece inside the glove on the palm side, but it’s thin and I didn’t notice it beyond appreciating that my hands weren’t cold.