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Reviewed: Garneau Women’s Course Race 2 bibs

Garneau's bibs offer a medium-thickness, women’s specific chamois that is extremely comfortable without feeling bulky.

While bathroom-break accessibility isn’t the most important quality for bib shorts, Garneau’s buckle system is easy to use and a nice addition. But more importantly, the medium-thickness, women’s specific chamois is extremely comfortable without feeling bulky.

Fewer seams mean fewer chances for irritation or painful rubbing and these bibs are nearly seamless. Using a laser finish on the leg hems, Garneau creates a smooth transition between the thighs and the bib material for a sleek look and comfortable feel. The material is slightly compressive, which feels great when pushing hard during tough workouts when our legs would normally feel wobbly from fatigue.

Designed for summer riding, these lightweight bibs quickly wick moisture away for a dry and comfortable feel even in hot and humid weather. The Course 2 bibs also utilize Coldblack technology that reflects UV rays to reduce heat build-up in dark colored materials. Because of these cooling effects and the fact that they don’t work particularly well with leg or knee warmers, we’d recommend reserving these bibs for summer riding only.