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Review: Rapha Weeklong Bag

Rapha has put together a simple, elegant duffel bag that rarely falls short of our needs. Unfortunately, the price is quite steep.

Size Reviewed

60 Liters





I really liked this bag until I saw the price tag. It feels durable and well-constructed, and it is plenty spacious for hauling all my gear to and from the office for winter rides. And while there are some nice features, the Rapha Weeklong Bag generally feels like a standard duffel bag. It feels far too much like a standard duffel bag, in fact, to justify the price tag.

Let’s be clear: Rapha often makes great products that justify their high price. That was probably the aim with the Weeklong Bag. It’s fairly lightweight and the shoulder straps are ergonomically shaped. They’re comfortable even with the bag fully loaded, and when you’re hand-carrying it, a magnetic fastener helps keep the straps together. It’s water-resistant, which should come in handy at cyclocross races. Those are all nice touches that stand in Rapha’s favor here.

Rapha Weeklong
Photo: Dan Cavallari |

It’s plenty spacious inside for everything you’d need for a weekend of racing, and a mesh organizer pocket on the flap is a great place to stow small items. Compression straps on the sides of the bag help you cinch everything down. This comes in handy when you’re fighting it into overhead bins, or want to keep the bag low-profile while you’re pedaling home. And the side pocket features a weatherproof zipper. More positive boxes ticked.

This is all pretty standard fare for a duffel bag, though. There’s nothing standout to differentiate this bag from other well-made duffels.

Rapha Weeklong
Photo: Dan Cavallari |

But to be fair, it is indeed a well-made duffel bag. Before I looked up the price, I used this bag often and felt it did everything I needed it to do. It is not too difficult, in other words, to make a duffel bag that simply works. Is that enough to justify the price of this particular bag? No, not really.

In keeping with Rapha’s subtle aesthetic, this all-black bag does feature a few hits of pink to let everyone know it’s a Rapha bag. That is perhaps the best case for buying the Weeklong Bag: you’re a Rapha devotee who doesn’t mind spending a bit of cash for well-made products that let everyone know where your devotions lie.

For everyone else, you can certainly find a spacious duffel for far less than half the price of the Weeklong Bag.

Rapha Weeklong
Photo: Dan Cavallari |