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Review: Giordana NX-G Air Jersey and Bibs make for a great summer kit

So pricey. So comfortable. Such a great hot-weather kit.

Review Rating


Giordana’s best wicking summer jersey, and best overall bib, with innovative design elements in the bib and jersey materials. Pricey, primo kit. 


The chafe-free, single-seam bibs are among the best I’ve ever worn; jersey is light and wicks and dries fast


The white bib strap in the back can be exposed; no zipper pocket on the jersey; the price tags are eye watering

Our Thoughts

One of the best kits available for a hot, all-day ride. The single-seam bibs and the no-Lycra jersey translate to one of the best combinations for a ride free from tugging, pinching, chafing, or sweating. But you have to pay a heavy pricy for this light kit.

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I have learned the hard way that the important things to examine in a bib are the chamois, the seams, the straps, and the materials used. The NX-Gs have one of the best chamois I’ve ever ridden. I generally reserve in-depth research for after my initial impressions, so I can approach the product with as few biases as possible. Now having read about the Cirro S-W chamois, I understand why it felt so comfortable: it is four layers of different foam materials designed to dissipate heat and cushion the rider at pressure points. The top layer is even nano-infused with Aloe Vera to control bacteria and odor, and promote skin health. Aloe-infusion is by far the most extravagant yet useful bib short feature I’ve heard of (as opposed to, say embroidered touches, which are nice but serve no functional purpose). Because of the chamois, these are my go-to century-plus bibs, or the bibs I’d choose for my third long ride in as many days.

A single seam forms the legs of the NX-G bibs in a trademarked 1on1 design. They are the most streamlined bibs I have ever laid eyes on or worn. They are cut with some curve to the hip, the proprietary fabric has graduated compression through the leg, and a laser hem that uses a silicone strip to prevent the leg from rolling up. The nature of a laser cut and compression on the leg means no need for bands, which removes the need for yet another seam. The result is a bib that feels like wearing a comfortable stocking on each leg. 

The single seam runs up the inside of the leg, and the generously sized chamois saves riders’ tender bits from chafing in part because it extends comfortably beyond the bend at the thigh. I also loved them because they’re a bit longer than usual, and since I’m tall, they fit my build. The bibs also come in a shorter inseam.

The upper and straps are made of perforated highly elastic laser cut material. They manage to be comfortable both bent over the bike, and standing. The upper is white: I usually hate this because if my jersey rides up, the white upper could be exposed, which is not attractive to me – it has the air of plumbers crack about it. In this case, the fit was spot on so I don’t think the white is peeking out, but it’s still something I wish didn’t exist, or that was black to match the rest of the bib.

Overall, this is one of the best bibs on the market, and the $370 price reflects that. The only feature these are missing is some kind of easy off function to make them easier to choose for a long day on the bike away from bathrooms (or even Porto-potties). Women’s bibs without a nature break feature are usually second-tier for me, especially when it comes to long rides. It’s a general rule that bibs for my long rides have a nature break function. The NX-G’s are an exception to my nature-break bibs rule – they’re first-tier bibs all the way. 


The $259 NX-G Air jersey is as pro as the bibs. It has a race cut to it – trimmed a bit higher in the front with a drop and narrower across the chest than the back to accommodate a rider on the bike, not off. It leaves off the zippered pocket, opting instead for the lightweight feel that makes sweltering summer days easy. The NX-G Air jersey’s selling point is that it contains no Lycra, the proprietary elastic fabric. The reason being, while stretchy, Lycra is not a fast-drying material, and so would reduce the ability of the jersey to pull sweat to the surface and aid in evaporation. 

Giordana instead chose to weave the material in a way that creates a lot of stretch. That translated to a jersey that dried in about 10 minutes outside my Zwift training sweatbox. I can’t wait to see how it handles bottle showers in 90-degree heat with 80-percent humidity, but I think it will do admirably. The NX-G Air also uses double-faced fabric and mesh underarm and side panels. The materials on the top have varying degrees of transparency, but it’s about as light and summery as jerseys come. 

Expect to pay a small fortune for the innovations that make this kit so incredible, but it is truly great. The chamois and the legs on the bibs are revelations, and I didn’t know how much the removal of Lycra can change a jersey’s absorptive properties. NX-G Air is my go-to humid weather jersey from here on out, and the NX-G bibs are what I will reach for when I really need the most comfortable bibs money can buy. If money is a consideration, as it is for most people, this kit is a hard pill to swallow, and you can certainly ride just fine without an Aloe-infused chamois. But if money is no object, and you do a lot of hot rides, this is a great kit.