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Review: 7Mesh Women’s Callaghan Merino jersey

With a wool/poly blend and trim fit, 7Mesh's jersey is versatile for a variety of conditions and warm when damp.

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When a cycling apparel company is based in Squamish, British Columbia, you would expect its apparel for wet and cool weather to be on point, and with 7Mesh you’d be correct. After all, their hometown sees average annual rainfall of approximately seven feet and typical summer temperatures topping out at 73 degrees.

Borne out of that climate, 7Mesh’s Callaghan Merino Jersey provides a close fit with plenty of warmth and breathability.

With a midweight 65 percent poly/35 percent merino fabric, the jersey stayed warm even when damp, in temperatures below 50 degrees. On a freezing, wet descent, the Callaghan paired well with a hard-shell, but otherwise, a light wind jacket or vest was all we needed to comfortably ride in 30-40-degree temperatures.

Photo: Ryan Capp

Seams across the shoulder blades and onto the biceps give the jersey a close, articulated fit for riding — and it is snug. Most of the jersey has enough stretch for comfortable fit, but that isn’t quite the case with the sleeves. They are thankfully long, with a very thin elastic hem that successfully kept wrists gap-free with every pair of gloves. However, that gap-free experience comes with a rather tight elastic band and narrow forearm that does create some restriction. If you wear a smartwatch (or anything on your wrist, really) while riding, you may struggle to get the sleeve over it.

The two angled rear pockets have a unique internal lip to help secure contents. This is both a blessing and a curse — they helped keep things from bouncing out but also made it more difficult to retrieve snacks while riding because they do exactly what they are designed to do: keep items inside the pockets. Both large pockets have a smaller internal pocket with cable port that help with organizing and accessing the contents.

While we wish the sleeves were a little more forgiving, overall, this jersey is great on the road and trail. The balance of warmth and breathability makes it ideal for chilly shoulder season days and, with the right outer layer, will work all winter.