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Rapha-Geoff McFetridge collab yields limited edition kit

The Rapha-Geoff McFetridge collaboration yields a cycling kit that's colorful, fun, and simple.

A collaboration with artist Geoff McFetridge has yielded a Rapha cycling kit that’s colorful yet simple.


The collection includes the men’s and women’s Midnight Jersey ($150), men’s Pro Team Bib Shorts II ($270), men’s Pro Team Lightweight Gilet ($125), men’s Pro Team Sleeveless Base Layer ($65), a cap ($30), a musette ($20), and socks ($20).

Rapha-Geoff McFetridge collaboration for RCC kit. Photo: Rapha
Rapha-Geoff McFetridge men’s and women’s cycling jersey. Photo: Rapha

McFetridge is a member of the Los Angeles chapter of the RCC, and when reflecting on Los Angeles’ cycling community, he decided to create a kit that represents cycling culture as a whole.

Rapha-Geoff McFetridge cycling base layer
Rapha-Geoff McFetridge cycling base layer. Photo: Rapha

“Designing a cycling kit is like sculpture,” McFetridge said. “A painting is simple, you just draw it or sketch it and it changes from something simple to something complicated. Something rough to something finished. Whereas a cycling kit is a dimensional thing. There’s a reason fashion designers work with a 3D form. The ideal way to make a cycling kit would be to sketch in 3D.”

Rapha-Geoff McFetridge collaboration cycling socks.
Rapha-Geoff McFetridge collaboration cycling cap. Photo: Rapha
Rapha-Geoff McFetridge collaboration cap
Rapha-Geoff McFetridge collaboration cycling socks. Photo: Rapha
Rapha-Geoff McFetridge cycling jerseys
Rapha-Geoff McFetridge cycling jerseys. Photo: Rapha

The collaboration kit is an exclusive that’s available to members of the Rapha Cycling Club.