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Peppermint Fresh Mint Special Edition jersey

The jersey is comfortable and versatile, with a look that reminds everyone that riding is fun.





Peppermint Cycling Co. is a Montreal-based apparel company founded by sisters Michèle and Véronik Bastien that focuses exclusively on women’s cycling apparel. With eye-catching colors and an array of patterns, the clothing stands out as fresh and fun-looking. Peppermint also makes its apparel in Canada, touting its commitment to the local community, product quality, and the social and environmental practices of the company’s partners.

The Fresh Mint jersey is a close but comfortable fit. It isn’t restrictive or binding, and the fabric has a soft hand. While the close fit makes it suitable for most any situation, it isn’t an ultra-high-performance pro-racer jersey. It’s really a fantastic everywoman piece of kit.

The design of the jersey suggests comfort and practicality. The torso length is on the long side, so there’s no fear of a belly gap when you’re off the bike. An elastic hem is paired with a silicone grip to keep the jersey from riding up. Three rear pockets and a fourth smaller zipper pocket provide plenty of storage for longer rides. They aren’t obvious, but mesh inserts on the side panels increase breathability.

White isn’t typically a safe color for me to wear, but the green to white design is undeniably cute. While I managed to keep grease and coffee off the jersey, I did slide out on a gravel descent, scraping my shoulder. My shoulder needed some patching, but the jersey held up against that abrasive impact just fine (and, thanks to the power of hydrogen peroxide and OxiClean, is once again white).

Peppermint’s Fresh Mint Special Edition Jersey is a staple “ride or die” piece of kit; comfortable and versatile, with a look that reminds everyone that riding is fun.