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Nalini Moderna Women’s Jersey

If you’re doing big rides in hot weather, the Moderna is worth considering. Plus it has ample pocket space for food and essentials.





With fun, feminine prints and a thin microfiber material, Nalini’s Moderna is an attractive and comfortable summer jersey. The relaxed cut has noticeably more room in the chest and is surprisingly lightweight and highly breathable. It has the breathability of a climber’s jersey without the skintight cut and stayed dry and comfortable during 80- to 90-degree lunch rides.

Side panel inserts are made from Nalini’s micro mesh material to further enhance breathability, while silicone grips at the hem keeps the jersey from riding up. The sleeves are especially comfortable with a clean cut that omits stitching or silicone but has enough length to stay in place.

Photo: Justin Sheldon

I often struggle to fit everything needed for a big climb into jersey pockets, since I wear a size XS. But the Moderna was up to the challenge. The three main rear pockets held everything needed for a ride up the local fourteener, while reinforcements at the seams kept the jersey’s shape and prevented sagging from the weight. A fourth concealed water-resistant pocket secures a card or cash.

The ultralight material makes this a stellar go-to summer jersey. There are other lightweight jerseys out there, but few are priced as well. While the jersey is looser in the chest than I’d prefer, I’m torn on whether that’s a feature or a flaw. It isn’t intended to be a race-cut jersey, after all. The generously-sized pockets, on the other hand, are undoubtedly a feature.

If you’re doing big rides that require many snacks and possibly some additional layers, and you’re doing it in the heat, the Moderna is worth considering.