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Maloja Valladam bra review

Despite limited sizing, the Valladam bra works for a wide variety of women from A cup to DD cup — and it has a unique style for athleisure wearers.

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Light support, V-neck, seamless with removable cups


Adjustable strap; printed pattern and laser-cut holes give it style


Only three sizes, removable cups are hard to adjust

Our Thoughts

We like this seamless V-neck for its good looks and its creative design, which gave testers of all sizes light support sufficient for riding positions.

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One of two bras we’ve tested that are specifically made for cyclists, Maloja’s seamless, four-way stretch Valladam is quick-drying, and, like the Cotopaxi Mariposa, fun and playful, with more tech than you’d think.

This V-neck bra is made from two layers of seamless Nylon/Polyester/Spandex, with removable molded cups in between the layers. The outer layer has a stylized heart design woven-in that echoes laser cutouts in the straps and the back that aid wicking — and also look cool. The V-neck is perfectly sculpted to keep breasts in place—you could wear this to yoga class without fear of flashing other practitioners. And a little bit of bunching between the breasts minimizes uni-boob.


Despite limited sizing, this bra works for a wide variety of women from A cup to DD cup. The stretchy body of the bra is wide in the back, with a ribbed cuff around the base of the bra that’s supportive without being so tight it leaves prints on our skin. The bra’s straps are broad in front — they look more like halter top straps than the stringy straps on many light support bra tops. Wider straps gave more support than we expected, while also giving Maloja real estate for fashionable, sweat-wicking laser cutouts.

The straps wrap over your shoulders and meet mid-back at an o-ring and a single adjustable strap that connects to the bra’s main band. It’s a non-traditional and cute racerback design that gives single-axis adjustment. The design downside is that the ends of the shoulder straps, where they are sewn around the o-ring, have a hard edge that some testers found itchy. After a couple of wearings and washings, the itchiness went away. The adjustability is minimal, but for some testers, it did the trick.

Maloja Valladam

The outer layer of the Maloja Valladam has a stylized heart design woven in that echoes laser cutouts in the straps. Photo: Berne Broudy

Much of the support and structure for this bra comes from its molded, removable cups. Without them, this bra’s support went from light to non-existent. That was fine for the flat-chested. And all testers experimented with removing the cups and wearing this bra for travel, and other casual pursuits. On a long haul flight, one tester wore it under a sweatshirt as part of her PJs.

For riding, leave the cups in, even though after washing you’ll have to wrestle them back into place through a hole in the inside side that’s only big enough for a single finger. They do absorb sweat, but they also dry pretty quickly.

Maloja Valladam

Maloja Valladam has a cute, non-traditional racerback design that allows single-axis adjustment. Photo: Berne Broudy

We like this seamless V-neck for its good looks and its creative design, which gave testers of all sizes light support that was enough support for riding. Laser-cut venting is part of the bra’s youthful design, and because the cups are removable, this bra does double-duty as everyday athleisure wear.