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Castelli and Reggie Miller release ‘Say Their Names’ jersey

The jersey collaboration will benefit the Equal Justice Initiative, an organization dedicated to challenging racial and economic injustice in the U.S.

It’s easy to spot NBA hall-of-famer Reggie Miller on the trails outside of his southern California home for a few reasons: the former Indiana Pacer is 6’7” (no, his bike and apparel are not custom; Miller rides a size XL Santa Cruz bike), and he is always sporting brightly-colored Team Boombaby kit.

The jersey Miller is wearing today isn’t quite as colorful.

Photo: Courtesy Castelli Cycling/Hernan Rodriguez

“As most of you know, we live in a different world today, and I really feel change is coming,” Miller wrote on Instagram today.

In a collaboration with Castelli Cycling, Miller and Team Boombaby have released a limited edition run of “Say Their Names” jerseys. The men’s and women’s jerseys are inked with some of the current calls to action around police brutality, injustice, and racism: “Enough is enough,” “Black lives matter,” “Say their names,” and “Don’t shoot.”

Sales of the jerseys benefit the Equal Justice Initiative, a 501(c)(3) organization committed to ending mass incarceration and challenging racial and economic injustice in the United States.

Miller, who has also partnered with Castelli to raise funds for the Dropping Dimes Foundation with his Team Boombaby apparel, said that Team Boombaby and Castelli will match the dollar amount of proceeds on the first 100 kits sold.

“Let’s always remember to ‘Say Their Names,’ we all can make a difference,” Miller said.

The jerseys cost $99 and are available for August delivery.

Photo: Courtesy Castelli Cycling