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Brooks Dare Strappy Run Bra review

A hidden bottom band is welded into the bottom of this bra which gave it the sleekest looks of any we tested.

Review Rating


high support, 4 colors, 5 sizes, A/B cups only


Silky material, laser venting, light compression


Won’t fit all riders

Our Thoughts

Testers loved how this bra looked as well as how it performed. Lightweight compression paired with highly molded lifted and separated cups to keep testers’ busts attractively in place without too much squeeze. The teardrop strap design and laser cut venting were sophisticated and sexy.

Size Reviewed

30AB to 38AB





Typically, cyclists shy away from skinny strap bras because even if you are a smaller cup size, in the forward-leaning position that is biking, skinny straps can feel like they are cutting into your shoulders on your ride. But testers loved the Dare Strappy’s modified racerback bra’s split, welded-not-sewn shoulder straps that tied into a high back connection point before sloping into a teardrop opening with laser cut venting holes on either side.


Brooks Dare Strappy Run has well-padded, molded cups sewn into a wire-free underwire shape. A hidden bottom band is welded into the bottom of this bra — it’s imperceptible from the outside — which gives this bra the sleekest looks of any we tested. Testers loved the shape this bra gave them, so much so they weren’t in a hurry to take it off post-workout. And all wearers reported that their boobs stayed put, they didn’t migrate inside the bra even stretching pre- or post-ride. The scoop neck was high enough that in the drops, the bra wasn’t revealing.

Brooks Dare Strappy Run Bra

Brooks Dare Strappy Run Bra. Photo: Berne Broudy

“It’s a very unusual feeling to have your boobs separated and supported in a sports bra,” said one tester, “especially when it’s done in a way that isn’t uncomfortably awkward.”

Another tester observed that after a really hard cycling workout, the molded cups had absorbed her sweat, and though they felt damp from the outside, she felt dry on the inside. The fabric moved the sweat away from her skin to where it could evaporate quickly.

Testers were comfortable leaving this bra on even after activity because the compression wasn’t so acute it felt suffocating. Sometimes you run out of time to change before you pick up the kids, hit the grocery store, or have to get back to work. “This is a bra that lets you do the second and third thing on your list,” said one tester who claimed this bra as her fave.

Brooks Dare Strappy Run Bra

Testers loved the modified racerback and welded — not-sewn — shoulder straps of the Brooks Dare Strappy Run Bra. Photo: Berne Broudy

The most popular bra amongst A/B cup testers, the Dare Strappy’s flirty styling, fine-tuned compression, and laser venting made it a win. So did the separated and molded cups that gave flatter chested testers more shape than other bras with fabrics that didn’t hold moisture, and that washed well.