2011 North American Handmade Bicycle Show: Best in Show awards

A look at some of the NAHBS award winners

2011 North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show: Best of Show
Mark Dinucci was ecstatic with his selection for Best in Show. His understated city bike won thanks to its immaculate craftsmanship and attention to detail. The frame was painted by Keith Anderson. 

AUSTIN, Texas (VN) — Late on Sunday afternoon, just before the close of the show, NAHBS organizer Don Walker took the stage at the Austin Convention Center. As he read the list of the jury’s winner, each builder brought his winning bicycle to the stage. From the small, enthusiastic crowd came cheers of support and celebration. For many frame builders, earning a distinction at NAHBS is the culmination of years of refining their craft.

Unfortunately with so little time to photograph bikes before the show closed (and I had to get on a plane) I wasn’t able to shoot most of the winning bikes. My keen eye did pick the Ellis, the Anderson and the Bilenky as strong favorites. For more images check the builders’ websites.

Best in Show-Dinucci Cycles

By Bicycle Category:
Best Road Bicycle-Ellis Cycles
Best Track Bicycle-Six Eleven Bicycle Co.
Best Offroad- Black Sheep Bikes
Best Tandem-Eriksen Cycles
Best City Bike-Signal Cycles


2011 North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show: Best of Show
Brett and Shelly Horton commisioned Bilenky Cycle Works to build this “constructeur” (most pieces are handmade or hand finished) city bicycle. It won Best Lugged for its amazing art deco accents. 

Best Carbon Fiber- Strong Frames
Best Steel- Bishop Bikes
Best Titanium- Kish Fabrication

Construction Method:
Best Lugged- Bilenky Cycle Works
Best Fillet Brazed- Vincent Dominguez Cycles
Best Paint- KirkLee Bicycles

Special Mentions:
Rookie of the Year-Cory Rosene
People’s Choice Award- Naked Bicycles
President’s Choice- Anderson Custom Bicycles

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