100% Speedtrap sunglasses: What I love; what bugs me

The wide lens and stable fit are great for on the bike. But there is one thing that bugs me.

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On the whole, I’m a big fan of 100% sunglasses. I’ve had three pairs in recent years, and despite having a dozen test pairs of various shades, will almost always grab the 100% Speedtrap when headed out on the road or gravel.

What I love: The plus column for the 100% Speedtrap glasses is pretty long: excellent lens options, great fit, unshakeable stability, fun looks, easy to clean.

The lens comes in various mirror colors, photochromic (which darkens with sunlight), and ‘smoke’, which is a dark gray. I have a mirrored lens and a smoke lens. Clarity is excellent, with no distortion. I appreciate the huge size of the single lens. When riding in the drops with your head tilted down, the frame doesn’t block your upper view, as many glasses do. Similarly, the wide, wrap-around lens keeps the wind and the frame out of your eyes on the sides.

The lens is easy to clean and hard to scratch.

Fit-wise, the arms adjust for length and width, so you can dial in retention for your head size and shape.

100% glasses, but maybe 75 percent longevity on the rubber temple pads. Photo: Brad Kaminski |

What bugs me: The rubber pads on the arms have started to peel off on both Speedtrap glasses I have. Is this from regular contact with my helmet’s fit system over a year or more, or something else? I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m just annoyed that the pads aren’t like the other components of the shades – as good as they were one day one.

I had a pair of the Speedcraft glasses for two years, and the rubber pads on those weren’t an issue.