Photo essay: Coryn Rivera’s bachelorette bikepacking trip

Friendship, food, and unexpected detours on the California coast.

The stereotypical bachelorette party includes many things, often sparkly and alcoholic, but eight days of hammering on the bike are not usually on the agenda.

Not so for Team Sunweb’s Coryn Rivera and four of her closest friends. A few weeks ago, the group of five Californians, which included Alison Tetrick, Katie Hall, Kaitie Keough, and Justin Williams (more on how he crashed the party later), traveled to San Francisco to embark on a 937 kilometer bikepacking trip down the coast of California in honor of Rivera’s upcoming wedding. The trip, which had long been on Rivera’s bucket list, wasn’t necessarily intended to be a celebration, but since she planned to be in Europe racing this summer during the months before her wedding she decided to embrace the bachelorette theme.

Fast Friends: Justin Williams, Alison Tetrick, Katie Hall, Kaitie Keough, and Coryn Rivera

“I picked a small group of closes friends who ride enough and could enjoy and benefit enough from a bikepacking trip,” Rivera told VeloNews. “I thought, ‘screw it, I’ll call it my bachelorette biking trip!’ I’m not gonna get belligerent, I just wanted to do something cool. It was a good way to celebrate that, get friends together, do something cool and just ride our bikes.”