My 10 favorite bike things in 2020

A few cycling-related odds and ends that helped get me through a very strange 2020.

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Throughout 2020, cycling — and the entire world — was thrown unanticipated challenges. Those who were lucky enough to temporarily escape lockdowns and be able to ride bikes outside might have been able to temporarily forget COVID things if only for the duration of a ride. I was one of the lucky ones in this way.

When congregating restrictions were lifted mid-year, and social distancing became a fact of everyday life, I rode with just a few friends. And we were carefully social, outdoors on bikes. We all missed racing and watching races in person, doing gran fondos and other mass-participation events. Instead, we grappled with logistics about how to have a post-ride beer together in a low-risk environment.

For a variety of reasons, I spent more time in the saddle in 2020 compared with some recent past years. I developed a greater appreciation for being safer while riding and was supremely appreciative of a supportive and like-minded wife who was my ride partner for nearly every single ride indoors and out.

These are the 10 things that stood above the rest, for me, when riding bikes in 2020.