Vuelta: Simoni wins; For Sevilla, it all comes down to final TT

After 20 stages and more than 1,800 miles of racing, the 56th Vuelta a España will be decided in Sunday’s final 23.5-mile individual time trial. Saturday’s final climbing stage, the 112-mile 20th stage featuring two category-one climbs up Alto de Abantos high in the mountains north of Madrid, failed to rattle race leader Oscar Sevilla (Kelme), who retained his 25-second lead over Festina’s Angel Casero. Giro d’Italia champion Gilberto Simoni (Lampre) sprinted ahead of Jose Maria Jimenez on the final switchback to win while U.S. Postal’s Jose Luis Rubiera crossed the line third

By Andrew Hood

Photo: Graham Watson

After 20 stages and more than 1,800 miles of racing, the 56th Vuelta a España will be decided in Sunday’s final 23.5-mile individual time trial.

Saturday’s final climbing stage, the 112-mile 20th stage featuring two category-one climbs up Alto de Abantos high in the mountains north of Madrid, failed to rattle race leader Oscar Sevilla (Kelme), who retained his 25-second lead over Festina’s Angel Casero.

Giro d’Italia champion Gilberto Simoni (Lampre) sprinted ahead of Jose Maria Jimenez on the final switchback to win while U.S. Postal’s Jose Luis Rubiera crossed the line third at 15 seconds back to remain in seventh overall.

It all comes down to these two

It all comes down to these two

Photo: Graham Watson

“This is a wonderful victory for me because I really wanted to win. I didn’t come to the Vuelta in the best form to try for victory but I really wanted to win a stage,” said Simoni, a winner of the fearsome Angliru stage last year.

Defending Vuelta champion Roberto Heras (U.S. Postal) tried to attack on the final climb to Abantos but didn’t have the legs. Heras finished seventh in the stage and remains in third place overall at 2:20 back.

U.S. Postal’s Levi Leipheimer rode with the top climbers all the way to the top and finished eighth to retain his fifth place overall at 3:55 back. None of the top seven riders lost time, so Leipheimer, a strong time trialist, looks likely to pass fourth-place Juan Miguel Mercado ( just 26 seconds ahead and even has outside shot of surpassing teammate Heras to finish on the podium.

U.S. Postal Service enters Sunday finale without a stage victory but with three riders in the top-10. The Posties also remain in the top three in the overall team standings.

“Things didn’t work out like we hoped today. We wanted the victory for Roberto, but it was a complicated stage,” Rubiera said. “The team had a wonderful finish today and we are motivated for Sunday to finish on the podium.”

The penultimate stage of the 2001 Vuelta started with Sevilla hoping to open up more of a gap on Casero going into Sunday’s finale. Sevilla, nicknamed “El Nino,” was celebrating his 25th birthday, but couldn’t drop Casero despite attacking hard in the final three kilometers.

“I tried to attack but it was impossible. Casero was too strong,” said Sevilla, who crossed the line fifth and retained the leader’s jersey for the 10th day. “It’s true I’ve lost a little bit of my punch in the mountains but I am a stronger time trialist than I was before. Angel is known as better in time trials but tomorrow I will suffer like never before and try to win the overall.”

Casero’s Festina team controlled the stage from the beginning. David Plaza worked hard up the final climb to control Kelme and Casero was strong enough to answer when Sevilla attacked on the final steep climb to the finish.

“Today was a key stage. I didn’t want to lose time today and it gives me a lot of faith for Sunday. The streets of Madrid will be crowded with fans and it will be an exciting finish,” said Casero, second overall last year to Heras. “I don’t want to win this Vuelta because Sevilla might have problems. The strongest man will win tomorrow and that’s important.”

Heading into the first of two climbs up the category-one Alto de Abantos at 132 kilometers, the peloton split on the first steep ramps heading past El Escorial, the grand palace built by King Filipe in the 1600s. The lead group of climbers whittled down to about 35 in the first section of the 14-km climb to the summit at Abantos.

ONCE’s Mikel Zarrabeitia charged off the front, dropped some pursuers and finished alone over the top, some 1:25 ahead of the lead group. Riders passed a sign painted on the road, “Bienvenidos a Infierno,” Welcome to Hell, as the climb hit a steep 18-percent graded section.

U.S. Postal’s Rubiera accelerated and dropped more riders. Only about 15 remained in the lead. All the favorites were there, including Sevilla, who had only one Kelme rider to help him. Casero had four other Festina teammates while Heras had the support of Leipheimer and Rubiera.

Going into the category-three Alto de Robledondo, Zarrabeitia held a 1:30 gap over the lead group. The group accelerated on the descent and caught Zarrabeitia coming into the final assault on Abantos.

Simoni attacked on a steep, 17-percent graded section at 11 kilometers from the summit. Following were Jimenez and Milaneza’s Klaus Moller. Heras bridged off the front of the lead group and the four opened up an 11-second gap.

Festina continued to drive hard and only Simoni and Jimenez could maintain the tempo. Heras tried to bridge once again but Sevilla accelerated with Casero on his wheel.

Simoni and Jimenez were clear coming into the final switchbacks to the summit and the Italian shot past Jimenez on the final turn to seal the victory.

Sunday’s final time trial winds through the streets of downtown Madrid with a lot of dangerous curves. It’s a technical course that favors Casero.

“We are not celebrating victory yet,” said Festina’s director Juan Fernandez. “Today was a climb that favored Sevilla and it was a decisive stage because tomorrow favors Angel. Statistics show in a time trial like tomorrow that Angel will win. I believe we can get back the time and Angel has the mentality of a winner.”

While Casero and Sevilla will fight for final victory, Cofidis’ David Millar hopes to win yet another stage. The 24-year-old Brit rode tempo Saturday to save his strength.

Leipheimer, who’s finished second, third and fifth in the Vuelta’s first three time trials, could secure the stage-win he’s striving for to cap what’s been an amazing debut in his first three-week stage race.

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