Vino’ wraps up Tour de Suisse; Cooke takes finale’

Alexander Vinokourov just couldn't help himself. Leading the Tour of Switzerland since regaining the overall lead in Tuesday's time trial, the Kazakh jumped with less than a kilometer to go in Wednesday's 152km final stage into Aarau and was caught 300 meters from the line. It's not that he really needed the stage win. Second-place rider Francesco Casagrande (Lampre) didn't start the ninth and final stage due to high fever and a urinary infection and all Vinokourov had to do was finish safely in the main bunch to claim final victory. "I tried to win the stage but I'm not disappointed at

By Andrew Hood

Cooke captures the stage win

Cooke captures the stage win

Photo: AFP

Alexander Vinokourov just couldn’t help himself. Leading the Tour of Switzerland since regaining the overall lead in Tuesday’s time trial, the Kazakh jumped with less than a kilometer to go in Wednesday’s 152km final stage into Aarau and was caught 300 meters from the line.

It’s not that he really needed the stage win. Second-place rider Francesco Casagrande (Lampre) didn’t start the ninth and final stage due to high fever and a urinary infection and all Vinokourov had to do was finish safely in the main bunch to claim final victory.

“I tried to win the stage but I’m not disappointed at having failed,” said the Telekom rider after coming across fifth behind stage-winner Baden Cooke ( “This victory shows that my progress is continuing. I’ve improved in the mountains and in the time trials.”

Vinokourov’s win caps what’s been an emotional first half of the 2003 season for the 28-year-old. He won Paris-Nice back in March in the name of compatriot and fallen comrade Andrei Kivilev, who died after a crash in the second stage.

In April, he upset Lance Armstrong and Michael Boogerd at the Amstel Gold race. Now he has the prestigious Tour of Switzerland under his belt with all eyes on the Tour de France.

Telekom teammates Paolo Savoldelli and Santiago Botero will be among the frontrunners to challenge four-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong and the U.S. Postal team when the race begins next week.

1997 Tour champion Jan Ullrich finished seventh overall at 2:27 back as the troubled German star scrambles to find his top form in time for next week’s Tour. Ullrich, who has already said he won’t be racing the Tour to win, showed signs of life late in the Swiss tour, riding strongly in the final mountain stage and finishing third in Tuesday’s time trial.

American Bobby Julich finished 19th overall at 11:06 back. Julich will miss the Tour for the first time since his 1997 Tour debut after his Telekom team left him off its nine-man roster.

The final stage from Staefa to Aarau was taken by Australian Cooke, who started his sprint and won ahead of Swiss rider Alexandre Moos (Phonak), with Julian Dean (CSC) of New Zealand in third.

Cooke won a sprint finish after 3 hours, 25 minutes, 41 seconds to come in just head of a bunched group of six riders including Vinokourov.

“I passed against the barriers and thankfully Vinokourov didn’t close me out,” Cooke said.


Stage 9 Results
Stäfa – Aarau: 151.800 km

1. Baden Cooke (Aus),, at 3:25:41 @ 44.281 km/h
2. Alexandre Moos (Swi), Phonak
3. Julian Dean (NZl), CSC
4. Sven Teutenberg (G), Bianchi
5. Alexandre Vinokourov (Kaz), Telekom
6. Markus Zberg (Swi), Gerolsteiner
7. Paolo Valoti (I), Domina Vacanze – Elitron, at 00:02
8. Gabriele Missaglia (I), Lampre
9. Aart Vierhouten (Nl), Lotto-Domo
10. Oscar Pereiro (Sp), Phonak
11. Jimmy Casper (F),
12. Stuart O’Grady (Aus), Credit Agricole
13. Massimiliano Gentili (I), Domina Vacanze – Elitron
14. Kim Kirchen (Lux), Fassa Bortolo
15. Hans De Clercq (B), Lotto-Domo
16. Förster Robert (G), Gerolsteiner
17. Salvatore Commesso (I), Saeco
18. Christophe Agnolutto (F), Ag2R Prevoyance
19. Giuseppe Guerini (I), Telekom
20. Fabian De Waele (B), Palmans – Collstrop
21. Bobby Julich (USA), Telekom
22. Jan Ullrich (G), Bianchi
23. Patrik Sinkewitz (G), Quick Step-Davitamon
24. Martin Derganc (SLO), Domina Vacanze – Elitron
25. Nicolas Fritsch (F),
26. Marco Serpellini (I), Lampre
27. Davide Bramati (I), Quick Step-Davitamon
28. Patrick Calcagni (Swi), Sidermec Vini Caldirola
29. Bekim Christensen (Dk), CSC
30. Sebastian Lang (G), Gerolsteiner
31. Lilian Jegou (F), Credit Agricole
32. Tadej Valjavec (SLO), Fassa Bortolo
33. Mark Scanlon (IRL), Ag2R Prevoyance
34. Daniele Nardello (I), Telekom
35. Franck Schleck (Lux), CSC
36. Thierry Loder (F), Ag2R Prevoyance
37. Steve De Wolf (B), Palmans – Collstrop
38. Bradley Mc Gee (Aus),
39. Nick Nuyens (B), Quick Step-Davitamon
40. Massimo Giunti (I), Domina Vacanze – Elitron
41. Gerhard Trampusch (AUT), Gerolsteiner
42. Daniel Schnider (Swi), Phonak
43. Serge Baguet (B), Lotto-Domo
44. Niki Aebersold (Swi), Phonak
45. Tomasz Brozyna (Pol), CCC Polsat
46. Pietro Zucconi (Swi), Sidermec Vini Caldirola
47. Sven Montgomery (Swi), Fassa Bortolo
48. Gustav Larsson (SWE), Fassa Bortolo
49. Oscar Camenzind (Swi), Phonak
50. Tobias Steinhauser (G), Bianchi
51. Radoslaw Romanik (Pol), CCC Polsat
52. Malte Urban (G), Bianchi
53. Thierry De Groote (B), Palmans – Collstrop
54. Steffen Wesemann (G), Telekom
55. Sergei Yakovlev (Kaz), Telekom
56. Seweryn Kohut (Pol), CCC Polsat
57. Ludewig Jörg (G), Saeco
58. Paul Van Hyfte (B), CSC
59. Alexandr Kolobnev (Rus), Domina Vacanze – Elitron
60. Zülle Alex (Swi), Phonak
61. Piotr Przydzial (Pol), CCC Polsat
62. Juan Fuentes (Sp), Saeco
63. Stephan Schreck (G), Telekom
64. Robin Jean-cyril (F),
65. Jurgen Van Goolen (B), Quick Step-Davitamon, at 00:16
66. Ondrej Sosenka (Cz), CCC Polsat
67. Rik Verbrugghe (B), Lotto-Domo
68. Dominguez Juan Carlos (Sp), Phonak, at 00:21
69. Igor Astarloa (Sp), Saeco
70. Fabian Cancellara (Swi), Fassa Bortolo, at 00:24
71. Kyrylo Pospyeyev (Ukr), Domina Vacanze – Elitron, at 00:27
72. Tristan Hoffman (Nl), CSC, at 1:50
73. Steffen Weigold (G), Gerolsteiner, at 3:07
74. Torsten Hiekmann (G), Telekom
75. Mauro Facci (I), Fassa Bortolo
76. Peter Wuyts (B), Palmans – Collstrop
77. Yohann Charpenteau (F), Credit Agricole
78. Roger Hammond (GB), Palmans – Collstrop
79. Arvis Piziks (Lat), CSC, at 3:29
80. Rubens Bertogliati (Swi), Lampre, at 4:31
81. Bert Roesems (B), Palmans – Collstrop
82. Erwin Thijs (B), Palmans – Collstrop
83. Matthew Wilson (Aus),
84. Simone Bertoletti (I), Lampre
85. Kevin Hulsmans (B), Quick Step-Davitamon
86. Filippo Simeoni (I), Domina Vacanze – Elitron
87. Eric Leblacher (F), Credit Agricole
88. Marcel Strauss (Swi), Gerolsteiner
89. Corey Sweet (Aus), Credit Agricole
90. Marco Milesi (I), Sidermec Vini Caldirola
91. Wladimir Belli (I), Lampre
Did Not Start
Uwe Peschel (G), Gerolsteiner
Francesco Casagrande (I), Lampre
Thorsten Rund (G), Bianchi
Leon Van Bon (Nl), Lotto-Domo

Final Overall Standings
1. Alexandre Vinokourov (Kaz), Telekom, at 36:38:58
2. Giuseppe Guerini (I), Telekom, at 1:14
3. Oscar Pereiro (Sp), Phonak, at 1:28
4. Kim Kirchen (Lux), Fassa Bortolo, at 1:46
5. Tadej Valjavec (SLO), Fassa Bortolo, at 1:55
6. Alexandre Moos (Swi), Phonak, at 2:10
7. Jan Ullrich (G), Bianchi, at 2:27
8. Sven Montgomery (Swi), Fassa Bortolo, at 2:29
9. Ondrej Sosenka (Cz), CCC Polsat, at 4:14
10. Tomasz Brozyna (Pol), CCC Polsat, at 6:17
11. Nicolas Fritsch (F),, at 6:32
12. Patrik Sinkewitz (G), Quick Step-Davitamon, at 6:42
13. Seweryn Kohut (Pol), CCC Polsat, at 6:47
14. Daniel Schnider (Swi), Phonak, at 8:15
15. Oscar Camenzind (Swi), Phonak, at 8:49
16. Gustav Larsson (SWE), Fassa Bortolo, at 10:23
17. Bekim Christensen (Dk), CSC, at 10:47
18. Niki Aebersold (Swi), Phonak, at 10:52
19. Bobby Julich (USA), Telekom, at 11:06

20. Bradley Mc Gee (Aus),, at 11:38
21. Salvatore Commesso (I), Saeco, at 11:45
22. Zülle Alex (Swi), Phonak, at 11:48
23. Piotr Przydzial (Pol), CCC Polsat, at 12:02
24. Tobias Steinhauser (G), Bianchi, at 13:20
25. Thierry Loder (F), Ag2R Prevoyance, at 15:40
26. Ludewig Jörg (G), Saeco, at 16:19
27. Massimo Giunti (I), Domina Vacanze – Elitron, at 16:26
28. Markus Zberg (Swi), Gerolsteiner, at 16:35
29. Daniele Nardello (I), Telekom, at 20:08
30. Gerhard Trampusch (AUT), Gerolsteiner, at 20:42
31. Alexandr Kolobnev (Rus), Domina Vacanze – Elitron, at 25:04
32. Wladimir Belli (I), Lampre, at 26:04
33. Radoslaw Romanik (Pol), CCC Polsat, at 26:09
34. Steffen Wesemann (G), Telekom, at 28:48
35. Jurgen Van Goolen (B), Quick Step-Davitamon, at 29:29
36. Martin Derganc (SLO), Domina Vacanze – Elitron, at 30:25
37. Stephan Schreck (G), Telekom, at 31:22
38. Steve De Wolf (B), Palmans – Collstrop, at 32:05
39. Robin Jean-cyril (F),, at 32:45
40. Thierry De Groote (B), Palmans – Collstrop, at 32:48
41. Yohann Charpenteau (F), Credit Agricole, at 33:51
42. Franck Schleck (Lux), CSC, at 36:28
43. Massimiliano Gentili (I), Domina Vacanze – Elitron, at 37:41
44. Paolo Valoti (I), Domina Vacanze – Elitron, at 38:05
45. Rik Verbrugghe (B), Lotto-Domo, at 38:53
46. Kyrylo Pospyeyev (Ukr), Domina Vacanze – Elitron, at 41:50
47. Serge Baguet (B), Lotto-Domo, at 43:12
48. Stuart O’Grady (Aus), Credit Agricole, at 43:28
49. Sebastian Lang (G), Gerolsteiner, at 45:08
50. Torsten Hiekmann (G), Telekom, at 48:26
51. Lilian Jegou (F), Credit Agricole, at 50:09
52. Eric Leblacher (F), Credit Agricole, at 52:50
53. Davide Bramati (I), Quick Step-Davitamon, at 54:23
54. Sergei Yakovlev (Kaz), Telekom, at 55:15
55. Fabian De Waele (B), Palmans – Collstrop, at 55:36
56. Fabian Cancellara (Swi), Fassa Bortolo, at 57:41
57. Igor Astarloa (Sp), Saeco, at 58:17
58. Mark Scanlon (IRL), Ag2R Prevoyance, at 59:10
59. Paul Van Hyfte (B), CSC, at 59:23
60. Pietro Zucconi (Swi), Sidermec Vini Caldirola, at 1:00:07
61. Dominguez Juan Carlos (Sp), Phonak, at 1:01:55
62. Peter Wuyts (B), Palmans – Collstrop, at 1:01:59
63. Marco Milesi (I), Sidermec Vini Caldirola, at 1:02:00
64. Mauro Facci (I), Fassa Bortolo, at 1:02:21
65. Julian Dean (NZl), CSC, at 1:02:37
66. Gabriele Missaglia (I), Lampre, at 1:03:12
67. Erwin Thijs (B), Palmans – Collstrop, at 1:03:34
68. Malte Urban (G), Bianchi, at 1:05:03
69. Baden Cooke (Aus),, at 1:06:08
70. Christophe Agnolutto (F), Ag2R Prevoyance, at 1:06:27
71. Matthew Wilson (Aus),, at 1:07:16
72. Filippo Simeoni (I), Domina Vacanze – Elitron, at 1:09:06
73. Nick Nuyens (B), Quick Step-Davitamon, at 1:09:27
74. Marcel Strauss (Swi), Gerolsteiner, at 1:10:08
75. Kevin Hulsmans (B), Quick Step-Davitamon, at 1:11:19
76. Steffen Weigold (G), Gerolsteiner, at 1:14:36
77. Simone Bertoletti (I), Lampre, at 1:17:32
78. Juan Fuentes (Sp), Saeco, at 1:18:06
79. Bert Roesems (B), Palmans – Collstrop, at 1:19:20
80. Tristan Hoffman (Nl), CSC, at 1:20:22
81. Roger Hammond (GB), Palmans – Collstrop, at 1:20:44
82. Hans De Clercq (B), Lotto-Domo, at 1:22:26
83. Rubens Bertogliati (Swi), Lampre, at 1:23:32
84. Jimmy Casper (F),, at 1:25:10
85. Arvis Piziks (Lat), CSC, at 1:25:42
86. Marco Serpellini (I), Lampre, at 1:30:46
87. Förster Robert (G), Gerolsteiner, at 1:33:12
88. Patrick Calcagni (Swi), Sidermec Vini Caldirola, at 1:34:41
89. Corey Sweet (Aus), Credit Agricole, at 1:38:06
90. Aart Vierhouten (Nl), Lotto-Domo, at 1:42:02
91. Sven Teutenberg (G), Bianchi, at 1:51:39