VeloNews Voices: Put Your Socks On with Bobby Julich

Put Your Socks On Episode 1: 2019 Amgen Tour of California, Stage One

VeloNews Voices is a NEW multimedia platform featuring a collection of cycling luminaries each with their own distinct POV and channel. Coaches, athletes, movers and shakers, visionaries, the old guard, the new guard, the vanguard, VeloNews Voices is how and where the story of our sport is being told, now and into the future.

In our inaugural VeloNews Voices podcast series, Olympic medalist and Tour de France podium finisher Coach Bobby Julich invites you to “Put Your Socks On.” Winning and losing, training and racing, agony and defeat, all of it comes down to understanding what works and what doesn’t, and for that you need an experienced and accomplished coach.

From insightful analysis into our sport’s most iconic races and racers, to entertaining, educational, and actionable advice, PYSO is an illuminating deep-dive into the art and science of racing. Come for the legends, the knowledge, from at the races and for the super-fans.

Join Coach Bobby Julich and former WorldTour racer and Outskirts visionary co-host Gus Morton as they help you watch the race, do the race. Prepare to be prepared. It’s time to Put Your Socks On.

“Whether you are training or racing, the moment you put your socks on, that’s the point of no return. That’s it, it’s time to go to work.”