Tour de France 2020

VN Podcast: How Froome’s injury impacts the Tour de France; Chloe Woodruff on the MTB chase for Tokyo

How does Chris Froome's injury shape the Tour de France, and what does it mean for Team Ineos? Plus, Chloe Woodruff takes us inside the off-road chase for the 2020 Olympics

On this week’s episode of The VeloNews Podcast Fred Dreier and Andrew Hood discuss the seismic shift that pro cycling underwent in the final week. Chris Froome’s crash has completely changed the dynamics at the Tour de France, as Team Ineos no longer is the favorite to dominate the race.

Which riders have the best shot to win in lieu of Froome’s participation? How does the crash impact Froome’s spot within Tour history?

Then, the guys discuss the news that the UCI will sanction Juan Jose Cobo for a biological passport violation from nearly a decade ago; a move that could nullify his 2011 Vuelta a España win.

Finally, we hear from Olympic mountain biker Chloe Woodruff, who takes us inside the chase for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. The U.S. women have a fabulous opportunity to qualify three riders for the Olympics, and Woodruff explains the dynamics shaping the yearlong chase for the upcoming summer games.

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