Tour de France 2020 to host online round-table on the 2011 Tour de France route

Tuesday 11 a.m. EST, VeloNews editors will examine the 2011 route and take questions from readers following the unveiling in Paris.

John Wilcockson
Wilcockson was honored in 2009 for covering the race 40 years. editors are firing up the live coverage machine on Tuesday to host a chat about the 2011 Tour de France route, which will be announced early Tuesday in Paris.

If you are up early (or you are in Europe) you can watch a live video stream of the Tour presentation on The stream begins at 4:30 a.m. EST

Then tune in at 11 am EST for analysis by VeloNews’ editors, including editor in chief Ben Delaney, managing editor Neal Rogers, senior online editor Charles Pelkey and editor at large John Wilcockson, who has covered the Tour de France for more than 40 editions. John took a stab at predicting the route in an article last week, so we’ll see how close he came.

European correspondent Andrew Hood will be at the presentation and will be reporting in on the reaction from riders and others who manage to get to the ceremony despite the transit strike in France.

There will be a prominent link on the homepage to the live player. Or just bookmark and dream of July.