Tour de France 2020

Unserious questions: The Tour’s final rest day

Pete Stetina, Alex Howes, Lawson Craddock, and Brent Bookwalter choose between burgers and ice cream and talk about their style icons.

The Tour took one final breather on Tuesday before a gauntlet of four stages in the Alps, plus the final dash on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. The five Americans who started the race are all still in it. Here’s how four of them are feeling with less than a week to go.

What was your first thought when you got up this morning?

Pete Stetina (Trek – Segafredo): Damnit Pete, keep your eyes closed. Longer … longer.
Alex Howes (Cannondale – Drapac): I don’t remember. I don’t remember what happened 5min … Wait, what was the question?
Lawson Craddock (Cannondale – Drapac): I wonder how many episodes of “Friday Night Lights” I can get in today.
Brent Bookwalter (BMC): I can’t wait till VeloNews sends me the next round of questions for this rest day. [Don’t get sassy, Brent! -Ed.]

What’s the most French thing that has happened to you so far?

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Stetina: Despite having worldwide roaming, Orange network continually kicks me off every five minutes, and I have to re-search the signal. Except it’s pristine as soon as I got to Suisse yesterday.
Howes: Haunted by a constant string of doorless showers and screen-free windows … Actually, I want to change my answer to Lawson’s internet answer.
Craddock: I haven’t had internet since June.
Bookwalter: The perpetual search for cell signal, wifi, and A/C.
[Business idea: Wireless hotspot for TDF riders sold on an hourly rate. You’re welcome -Ed.]

Describe your mood today in one word

Stetina: Economy
Howes: Jack-Daniels-Tennessee-whiskey-infused-milk-chocolate
Craddock: … Paltry [You mean sultry? -Ed.] Yeah, both.
Bookwalter: Wow

Which would you prefer right now, a cheeseburger with avocado or an ice cream sundae (extra fudge, maybe some sprinkles if you’ve been good)?

Stetina: A hoppy NorCal IPA. Pairs well with ice cream or a burger.
Howes: Burger, no avocado, bacon, beer, pancakes finished with a whiskey milkshake.
Craddock: Ice cream sundae that I can dip my french fries into.
Bookwalter: I’ll take the cheeseburger first, please.

Rank in order of importance: Coffee, chamois cream, post-race massage

Stetina: Coffee has now become 3x day to feel anything.
Howes: Coffee, coffee, coffee, sleep
Craddock: Coffee is the only option. At this point I rub ground coffee into my chamois and then dip into a iced coffee bath post stage.
Bookwalter: Coffee x3.

Who is your style icon?

Stetina: As of right now, Abercrombie and Fitch; all I do is lay around in underwear in these non A/C hotels.
Howes: John Wayne.
Craddock: Ron Weasley.
Bookwalter: It’s the third week … I’m into function over form these days.