Tour de France 2020

The Tour de France’s big mountains

The 2016 Tour will favor climbing specialists. Here's a list of the major mountain tests they'll face next summer.

PARIS (AFP) — There will be 28 climbs categorized at either second, first, or hors category during the 2016 Tour de France. Here, AFP Sport looks at the most challenging of those, including the highest point of the race, the 2,407-meter (7,897-foot) Port d’Envalira.

Stage 5:
Pas de Peyrol: 5.4km at 8.1% (1,589m)
Col du Perthus: 4.4km at 7.9% (1,309m)
Col de Font de Cere: 3.3km at 5.8% (1,294m)

Stage 7:
Col d’Aspin: 12km at 6.5% (1,490m)

Stage 8:
Col du Tourmalet: 19km at 7.4% (2,115m)
Hourquette d’Ancizan: 8.2km at 4.9% (1,564m)
Col de Val Louron-Azet: 10.7km at 6.8% (1,580m)
Col de Peyresourde: 7.1km at 7.8% (1,569m)

Stage 9:
Port de la Bonaigua: 13.7km at 6.1% (2,072m)
Col d’El Canto: 19km at 5.4% (1,721m)
Cotee de la Comella: 4.2km at 8.2% (1,347m)
Col de Beixalis: 6.4km at 8.5% (1,796m)
Andorre d’Arcalis: 10.1km at 7.2% (2,24m)

Stage 12:
Mont Ventoux: 15.7km at 8.8% (1,912m)

Stage 15:
Col du Berthiand: 6km at 8.1% (780m)
Col du Sappel: 8.8km at 5.6% (794m)
Grand Colombier: 12.8km at 6.8% (1,501m)
Lacets du Grand Colombier: 8.4km at 7.6% (891m)

Stage 17:
Col de la Forclaz: 13km at 7.9% (1,527m)
Finhaut-Emosson: 10.4km at 8.4% (1,960m)

Stage 18:
Cotee de Domancy: 2.5km at 9.4% (810m)

Stage 19:
Col de la Forclaz de Montmin: 9.8km at 6.9% (1,157m)
Col de la Forclaz de Queige: 5.6km at 7.8% (870m)
Bisanne: 12.4km at 8.2% (1,723m)
Bettex: 9.8km at 8% (1,372m)

Stage 20:
Col des Aravis: 6.7km at 7% (1,487m)
Col de la Colombiere: 11.7km at 5.8% (1,618m)
Col de la Ramaz: 13.9km at 7.1% (1,619m)
Col de Joux Plane: 11.6km at 8.5% (1,691m)