Tour de France 2020

PYSO: Tour de France stage 8 – Soigneurs

Things get loose on the PYSO podcast today! Gus agrees with the UCI? What does “Snacks on Stage" mean? And soigneur Therese Sundstrom weighs in from Girona, Spain.

STAGE 8 MACON – SAINT-ÉTIENNE 200KM Things get loose during stage 8 of the Tour de France with team PYSO. Gus agrees with the UCI. Bobby is still not sure what Gus means by “Snacks on Stage.” We have special guest Therese Sundstrom, pro soigneur, live from Girona, Spain. We talk rider care as well as self care today on the fastest growing sports podcast PUT YOUR SOCKS ON. Oh, and quick tip: don’t mess with Bobby’s chamois cream…