Tour de France 2020

Pro Bike Gallery: Romain Bardet’s limited edition Factor O2

This top-end rig features custom graphics throughout.

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The graphic on the head tube commemorates Vercingetorix, a hero of the Gallic Wars. Vercingetorix is a celebrated figure in Bardet’s home region of Auvergne. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Vercingetorix helped unite Gallic forces against Caesar and stopped Roman advances in the region. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Curiously, Bardet and other riders on AG2R-La Mondiale are riding older Dura-Ace cranks rather than the new 9100 series. We asked the mechanics why this was, but no one seemed to know (or care to tell). Photo: Dan Cavallari |
More custom bling for Bardet and company. These Look pedals feature commemorative Tour de France artwork on the bottom. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
CeramicSpeed has certainly made its mark within the pro peloton. Most riders on AG2R-La Mondiale are riding oversized CeramicSpeed pulley systems, which lower overall friction forces in the drivetrain. Lower friction means watt savings. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Bardet’s O2 features his name emblazoned on the top tube. It’s nearly impossible to see in the photos, but the carbon weave is also visible in places beneath the paint. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Mavic also lent some artistic expertise to Bardet’s bike, with custom wheel graphics commemorating the Grand Depart. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
The graphics feature names relevant to the 2018 course, the Grand Depart, and Mavic itself. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Factor bikes are generally sold as a “chassis” rather than a frameset. The chassis includes the frame and fork, headset, bottom bracket bearings, seatpost, and handlebars. Bardet has opted for the integrated Black Inc handlebar/stem combo. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Another small bit of motivation adorns the top cap. All of the riders’ bikes we saw featured similar top caps with each rider’s name. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
CeramicSpeed bottom bracket bearings are a common sight throughout the peloton. Bardet takes advantage of these low-friction bearings too. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
It seems 2018 is officially the year of the disc brake, but Bardet still runs rim brakes on his O2. Not all riders are ready to make the leap to discs just yet. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Bardet’s personal mantra, “Take the Risk or Lose the Chance,” adorns the top tube. That should come in handy as the race wears on. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Bardet has chosen Fizik’s Arione saddle for his Tour ride. This is another common sight in the pro peloton, though many riders have made the transition to the Arione Open, which features a center cutout for pressure relief. Photo: Dan Cavallari |