Tour de France 2020

Must Read: Froome hopes to win ‘multiple’ Tours

Froome says he has plenty of room for improvement and would love "to be up there with those legends, the true greats," like Merckx

Froome thinks he can win multiple Tours — The Telegraph

Chris Froome won’t be satisfied with just one yellow jersey.

Talking to the London daily The Telegraph, the Sky captain said he hopes to win “multiple” Tours over the next several years.

“It’s a personal ambition, I’d love to be up there with those legends, the true greats like [Eddy] Merckx, to become someone who can challenge and win the Tour on multiple occasions,” Froome said. “I’ve got time on my side. I think I could.”

In the interview, Froome reflected on his Tour success and on how far he wants to go, and said that he still has room to improve.

“I still think I can get much better. I’m obviously a decent climber but there are things I can do to improve. Like I’m not the smoothest rider. I’m rugged, all elbows and knees. I’ve heard Christian Prudhomme [the Tour director] say I was Paula Radcliffe on a bike,” Froome said.

“So, I can work on improving my position on the bike, as well as improving tactically in stage races. Each time I ride a grand tour at the front, I’m learning. Otherwise it would be demotivating.”