Tour de France 2020

UPDATED: Armstrong says there’s nothing new in WSJ report

The Wall Street Journal reports that the probe is moving quickly and that George Hincapie and Tyler Hamilton have been contacted. Lance Armstrong says there's nothing new in the report.

A new Wall Street Journal Online article reports that George Hincapie and Tyler Hamilton have been contacted by U.S. investigators looking in to Floyd Landis’ allegations that Lance Armstrong and others, including Hincapie, doped while Landis raced for the U.S Postal Service team. The article said both riders’ attorneys had been contacted by investigators. It also said investigators were focusing on team managers who coordinated the alleged doping.

Armstrong has repeatedly denied doping and his lawyer posted a statement on, saying the Journal report could not be taken seriously.

“Garbage in – Garbage out. That’s the best way to describe the Wall Street Journal article today based on improper leaks and discredited innuendo about the investigation into Floyd Landis ever changing stories,” said the statement.

“The more appropriate investigation and use of taxpayer money would focus on the confessed fraud committed by Landis, an admitted perjurer with an agenda.

“These kind of leaks, and the stories based on them, are inaccurate, are extraordinarily unfair, and are used for publicity and advancing personal agendas. Leaks and stories like this fundamentally undermine our justice system.”

After the race’s seventh stage Saturday, Armstrong maintained his stance that Landis had no credibility and could not be believed.

“I don’t think there’s anything new. Is there something I missed?” said the American when asked to react to the report.

Comparing Landis claims to a carton of sour milk, he added: “Like I said the first time, it’s like a carton of sour milk — one sip and you know it’s bad. You don’t drink the whole thing, or keep taking sips of it.

“We have a supposed legitimate press outlet just repeating themselves. Is that what we have?”

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