Tour de France 2020

Getting the shot: Polka-dot panache at the Tour de France

Capturing two of the Tour's most faithful fans and their matching dots was not the expected shot for the day.

Have you ever gone into a record shop looking for one album and coming out with something completely different?

Well, picture taking can sometimes be like that too. Today’s Tour de France stage traveled from Clermont-Ferrand to Lyon, traversing the northern edges of the Auvergne region. I knew that there were lots of rustic villages. And I knew there were a couple of unique climbs. Certainly, I thought, I would come up with something out of those two options.

But instead, by far my most satisfying shot today was a portrait of two of the Tour’s most faithful fans this year. For days I had noticed these guys along the roadside, suited up in their matching polka-dot outfits. And unlike some fans, they didn’t jump or scream, but simply waved. A veteran of more than 30 Tours, I can honestly say I prefer the kinder gentler fans today.

And so I stopped, chatted for a few minutes and asked if I could take their portrait. They agreed. And I’m very happy they did!