Tour de France 2020

Dimension Data: The Tour’s first 11 stages in numbers

Highlights from data taken during the first half of the Tour show the highest recorded speed was nearly 70 mph

The first 11 stages of the Tour de France were filled with heartbreak, elation, crashes, and well-won victories. But they were also filled with amazing data that Dimension Data has been tracking to give fans a closer look at what it takes to be a professional cyclist.

The global IT organization has released a summary of statistics on its website that covers the first 11 stages of this year’s race. Each rider has a tracker under his saddle to capture data for the project.

Some highlights that were collected over the course of the first 11 stages:

— The fastest speed was 109.08 kph (68.2 mph) by Lars Boom (Astana) at the 144-kilometer mark of stage 3.

— The highest average speed achieved by a stage winner was 55.45 kph (34.45 mph) by Rohan Dennis (BMC Racing) on stage 1, while the average speed for all riders across the first 11 stages was 42.46 kph (26.38 mph).

— The average speed of the riders before the stage 3 crash was 42.03 kph (26.11 mph).

— Riders slow down to an average of 20kph (12.43 mph) when picking up musette bags in feed zones.

“The complicated analytical information and processing on the beta live tracking site for the first half of the race has run smoothly,” Dimension Data executive chairman Jeremy Ord said. “It’s very exciting to see the high speeds that riders are achieving. However, we think these speeds could be even higher. That’s because there have been areas along the route — especially in the mountains — that we did not receive transmission of signal from the trackers. Overall, the response from the public has been fantastic.”

Ord said Dimension Data’s analytics team is on the ground and is currently processing between 1.5 million and 2.5 million records per stage.

“What’s a particularly interesting statistic is that one of the most retweeted images to date is how the rider’s speed drops at the start of each feed zone while they pick up their food bags,” he said.

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