Tour de France 2020

Carlos Barredo, Rui Costa trade punches

Both riders are fined for their finish-line fight, which could have gotten them tossed out of the Tour had it happened during the stage.

Carlos Barredo (Quick Step) and Rui Costa (Caisse d’Epargne) exchanged blows at the finish line Friday as tempers rose along with the temperatures at the Tour de France.

The pair threw punches at each other in a wild row after crossing the line. Journalists and team officials scrambled to pull the pair apart. A video showed that Barredo released his front wheel from his bike and charged Costa after he crossed the line.

Costa tried to shield himself from the enraged Barredo, pulling the wheel away only then to receive blows from Barredo. Costa also threw punches at Barredo.

Barredo told Spanish journalists that tempers flared with about 20km to go in the stage. According to Barredo, Costa elbowed him in the gut as he passed, nearly throwing him off the bike and knocking the breath out of him.

According to Spanish journalists, Barredo later called Costa to apologize.

Neither rider was expelled from the race. They might have been kicked out had the punches came during the race.

Each were fined 400 swiss francs; 200 Swiss francs for incorrect comportment and 200 Swiss francs for “injuries and menace” at the end of the stage.

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